Project on Ethics and Art in Testimony (PEAT)

About PEAT

The Project on Ethics and Art in Testimony (PEAT) is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) corporation. Tax Identification Number:  73-1669647.

PEAT endeavors to:

In pursuit of these goals, PEAT undertakes

PEAT Officers

Jean Maria Arrigo, Ph.D., President, Secretary, Chief Executive Officer Roger Whitney, Ph.D., Vice-President   Stephen M. Strasen, Ph.D., Treasurer Lawrence Rockwood, Ph.D., Confidentiality and Information Release Officer

PEAT Board Members

Stephen M. Strasen, Ph.D., Chairman of the Board Jean Maria Arrigo, Ph.D. Lawrence Rockwood, Ph.D. Roger Whitney, Ph.D. 

Performance Director

Music: John Crigler, Composer

Project Director

Scientific Grounding and Ethics in the Social Sciences Ted Strauss