Project on Ethics and Art in Testimony (PEAT)

Symposia, Case Histories, Memoirs, and Other Documents

Symposia, case histories, memoirs, court transcripts, correspondence, and other historical materials collected or produced by PEAT that illuminate intelligence ethics. Archived at Hoover Institution Archives, Stanford University. (Not yet catalogued).

Correspondence between a U.S. Counterintelligence Liaison Officer and Jean Maria Arrigo. September 2002 – December 2009.

Covert Operators Spiritually Devastated by Their Work. TRADOC Chaplain Service School Instructor Training Workshop, January 28, 2004, Springfield, VA. J.M. Arrigo, primary trainer, and Ch.. David Bates. — Three case histories drawn from interviews by J.M. Arrigo.

Training of operatives in shamanic techniques

A World War II BAR Man— Memoir of Troubling Events at Dachau and Luzon , Gerald Rich, September 2005 Toms River, New Jersey.