Project on Ethics and Art in Testimony (PEAT)

Oral Histories on Intelligence Ethics and National Security

Oral histories focusing on the moral development of intelligence professionals and intelligence operators and on work episodes of moral significance.

The oral histories are available at Hoover Institution Archives, Stanford University, or Bancroft Library, UC Berkley. The links below access detailed tables of contents and document lists. For access to these restricted links, contact Dr. Jean Maria Arrigo at

Richard "Freeman" Allan, 1946- (Hoover) Report from a Counterintelligence Officer on Two Devastated Veterans of Covert Operations, 2004  

Herbert P. Ely, 1941- (Hoover) A Technological Intelligence Analyst Looks at Intelligence Ethics, 2003   Assessment of Garcia’s Narratives of Black Operations, 2003  

Cynthia Jean Ford, 1952- (Bancroft) Child Military Intelligence Agent, 2002  

Ernest Garcia, 1928- (Bancroft) Post-War Black Operations in South America, 1995   On Torture Interrogation of Nazis and Terrorists, 1997   Post-War Black Operations Revisited, 2001   The Military Chaplaincy and Spiritual Problems of Covert Operators, 2003 Commentary by Harold William Rood* Assessment of Garcia’s Narratives of Black Operations, 1995   Commentary by Robert Stapleton*      Assessment of Garcia’s Narratives of Black Operations, 1995   Commentary by Herbert Ely* Assessment of Garcia’s Narratives of Black Operations, 2003  

Cecil B. "Scott" Jones, Ph.D., 1928- (Hoover) From War Room to Peace Room—A U.S. Navy Fighter Pilot and Air Attaché Still on Course, 2003
USS Saratoga (CV-3) Commemoration Project, 2005 Consequences of Government Disclosure of Long-Term Engagement with Technologically Superior Extraterrestrials: The Correspondence of CMDR Cecil B. “Scott” Jones, PhD, Ret., 2011

David Charles MacMichael, 1928- (Hoover) "I Believed When the Truth Came Out It Would Make a Difference", 2010

Paul Mercier (pseudonym), 1946- (Hoover) Devastation of a Covert Operator in Laos during the Vietnam War, 2003  

Mark Williams (pseudonym), 1944-2005 (Hoover) An Intelligence Analyst Makes Discoveries, 2005  

Tashi Namgyal, 1952- (Hoover) The Sanctity-Security Dilemma for the Tibetan Government-in-Exile, 2000  

Lawrence Rockwood, 1958- (Hoover) Moral and Spiritual Initiative by a U.S. Army Counterintelligence Officer in Haiti, 2004  

Harold William Rood, 1922- (Bancroft) Moral Development of an Intelligence Officer in the Clash of Civilizations, 2001   Interviewed by J.M. Arrigo and Grant Marler Assessment of Brody’s Narrative of Nuclear Testing, 1997   On Torture Interrogation of Terrorists and Hal Brody's Position, 1997   Assessment of Ernest Garcia’s Narratives of Black Operations, 1995   Assessment of Robert Stapleton’s Narrative of Nuclear Testing, 1995        Commentary by Robert Stapleton* 1995 Response to Rood’s Assessment of Stapleton’s Nuclear Test Site Narratives, 1995

Virendra Sahai Verma, 1941- (Hoover) An Intelligence Officer of the Indian Army - Patriotism, Passion, and Compassion, 2007   Interviewed by J.M. Arrigo