Project on Ethics and Art in Testimony (PEAT)

Oral Histories on Science Ethics and National Security

Oral histories focusing on the ethics of participation in scientific research for national security and on moral development and assessment of researchers.

The oral histories are available at Hoover Institution Archives, Stanford University, or Bancroft Library, UC Berkley. The links below access detailed tables of contents and document lists. For access to these restricted links, contact Dr. Jean Maria Arrigo at

Lora Bovar, 1939- (Bancroft) Pediatric Surgery on Chernobyl Infants, 1996 Commentary by Boris Gelman* On the Oral History of Lora Bovar, 1996  

Eldon Byrd, 1938 - 2002 (Hoover) For Good and for Evil—A Medical Engineer's Development of a Nonlethal Weapon for the U.S. Navy, 2000

Boris Gelman, 1926- (Bancroft) A Soviet Jewish Engineer’s Experience of the Chernobyl Clean-up, 1996   Commentary by David Hull Assessment of Gelman’s Narrative of the Chernobyl Cleanup, 1997  

Stefan Hormuth, 1949- (Bancroft) Stasi Collaboration by East German Professors—Moral Assessment in an Institutional Context, 1996  

Max Lipman (pseudonym), 1930- (Bancroft) Shock Treatments at Ewen Cameron's Allen Memorial Institute, 1996  

Rudolph J. Marcus, 1926- (Hoover) A Program Officer for the U.S. Office of Naval Research Rejects Chemical Weapons and Loses His Career, 2004