Project on Ethics and Art in Testimony (PEAT)

Seminar for Psychologists and Interrogators on Rethinking the Psychology of Torture

Seminar for Psychologists and Interrogators on Rethinking the Psychology of Torture

November 10-12, 2007 Georgetown University Washington, DC

Intelligence Ethics Collection Hoover Institution Archives Hoover Institution on War, Revolution, and Peace Stanford University

Contents List

Psy SR Seminar File 1 (File 2 with Final Report will follow in 2008)

  1. Preparatory letter to Seminar participants from Psychologists for Social Responsibility, October 30, 2006
  2. Packet for Seminar participants and items distributed during Seminar
    • Seminar Program
    • Map of Georgetown University
    • Ray Bennett’s address on torture interrogation, delivered by audio-recording to the Division 48 Symposium on Human Rights, Torture, and Professional Responsibility, American Psychological Association’s 114th Annual Convention, August 10-13, 2006, New Orleans
    • Common Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions
    • “Torture Was Taught by CIA,” article published in Baltimore Sun, January 27, 1997
    • KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation Training Manual, July, 1963
    • Statement on Interrogation Practices to the House Committee on the Armed Forces, anti-torture statement signed by 20 former army interrogators, July 31, 2006
    • Script of You, the Interrogator, monologue compiled by Jean Maria Arrigo
  3. Notes by Seminar Participants
    • Arrigo’s notes, with corrections and comments by participating interrogators Ray Bennett, Tim Benedict and John DuForest (pseudonyms)
  4. Flier for Georgetown University student-sponsored discussion, “Rethinking the Psychology of Torture,” with Ray Bennett, Ali Moghaddam, Colleen Cordes, and Jean Maria Arrigo, November 12, 2006,
  5. Press release: Preliminary Findings of the Seminar on Rethinking the Psychology of Torture Conference, dated November 13, 2006, prepared by Jean Maria Arrigo, Ray Bennett, and Colleen Cordes
  6. Oral history interview with Ray Bennett, Part I, November 13, 2006, conducted by J.M. Arrigo [restricted until January 1, 2020]
    • Arrigo’s post-interview notes
    • Background information on military tests mentioned in Bennett’s interview