Project on Ethics and Art in Testimony (PEAT)

EMR Targeting

Jean Maria Arrigo

EMR Targeting and Moral Responsibility

Readers Theater Script, 2010

Intelligence Ethics Collection
Hoover Institution Archives
Stanford University
Stanford, CA

Allegations of experimental EMR (electro-magnetic radiation) targeting of citizens in the United States, Britain, Russia, Nepal, and elsewhere have been widely dismissed as conspiracy theories.  I approach the issues of plausibility and moral responsibility through the testimonies of a navy-contract medical engineer, Elson Byrd (b. 1939); a self-reported government witness to EMR targeting, Lt. Commander Cecil B. “Scott” Jones (b. 1928); and a self-reported EMR targeting victim, Cheryl Welsh, J.D., (b. 1956). As indicated in the references, all sources have been archived in the Intelligence Ethics Collection at Hoover Institution Archives, Stanford University.

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